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It is said that the Navadvip area has one of the highest densities of holy places in India complimented by some of the most beautiful sunsets in the region. Tour the nine islands with expert guides who take you back to another time.One can also take exotic boat ride in the Ganges river, to witness beautiful sunsets over the river.You can also witness where river Jalangi meets the river ganges and one can also see the the difference in the colour of the two rivers.The Matha bhanga and Jalangi flow into the Bhagirathi-Hooghly. The point where the Jalanagi meets the Ganges is Hooghly and the point where it separates from the main Ganges is called Bhagirathi. Ghurni is a small place located on the banks of Jalangi and is very famous for its clay dolls which are popular as Krishnanagar clay dolls. You will enjoy exotic scenaryand the surroundings as it is very peaceful and calm.