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General Manager

Ananda Vardhan Das (Akshay Tiwari) is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur currently serving as Head of Sri Dham Darshan Project. He hails from a small town in MP. Since his childhood he was a very bright student and a very philosophical and thoughtful person. Having a brilliant track record of studies he got selected in IIT JEE in 2005 and joined Industrial Engineering and Management department of IIT Kharagpur as an undergraduate. His philosophical search brought him in touch with ISKCON and teachings of Srila Prabhupada during his college days and he decided to whole heartedly accept the glorious ancient vedic teachings in his life and also to present it to the modern scientific world in a way that they can appreciate it. Meanwhile he continued to be amongst the bright students in his college and started taking deep interest in the field of research. He was selected for a brief research assignment at TRDDC (Tata Research Design and Development Centre) a reputed research institute located at Pune in India and contributed in the area of Artificial Intelligence. He was awarded scholarship by the institute for his contribution. Afterwards also he continued pursuing his interest in the area of research and worked under the direction of most reputed researchers in the field Industrial Engineering and published several papers. After his graduation he secured full scholarship for MS and PHD at University of Texas which is amongst the best institutions in the field of Industrial Engineering simultaneously he was also selected as an Engineer at CESC (Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation) which is biggest private sector power supply firm in India. But his zeal to use his full potential and desire to do something for humanity made him a part of Shri Dham Darshan Project. And since then the project has groomed gradually under his expert organization and Managemnt. Recently Sri Dham Darshan project was awarded for Hospitality shown towards the pilgrims by a leading tourist website Trip Advisor. In recent past online bus and room booking facility was launched for the convenience of all the pilgrims and a brand new fleet of vehicles was introduced by Shri Dham Darshan Team simultaneously a helpline facility was also launched to assist the pilgrims. Very soon regular services for Puri and Gangasagar will be introduced.

He is also a motivational speaker and a youth counsellor and mentor. Since his college days he has been lecturing at many reputed institutions including IIT KGP, NIT JSR, IIST, Heritage college, Calcutta Medical College etc. He is also a spiritual scientist continuing his interest in the field of research and he works on presenting the glory of Vedic culture in a way that whole world can appreciate it. He also is an expert musician and plays keyboard instruments. Those who want to be in touch with him can write to him at